We have already looked at creating a free blog or site, but at some point you might want to build a self hosted website of your own.

There are many reasons why you might decide build a self hosted website – a few include:

  • More freedom of content.  Country laws will broadly govern what you may post, most are common sense. Free hosting may have further restrictions.

  • Stability.  Internet businesses & providers face the same challenges as any other.  Some close or change terms.  having your own hosting means that as long as you back up your site, your can get it back up & running regardless of how your hosting performs.

  • Websites are a commodity & you might want to sell yours.  Self hosting makes this possible

I chose to build a self hosted website after trying my hand at Blogger.  In my case, the bug bit, & I wanted to make sure that my content was safe regardless of what happened to free hosting provider & because terms & conditions can change over time & I felt that my work was more secure on a self hosted website.

Whatever your reason might be, the purpose of this post if to look at self hosting, & review a YouTube tutorial that I have found very useful.




I was very impressed at this tutorial & I find it very useful because NO previous experience is required, it focuses on WordPress (which I use) & it cuts through a lot of the jargon.  Like many people, I do intend making some money on-line & this video considers monetising options.

I hope you enjoy it.


Comments:  As I am based in the UK, I prefer to shop around for my Domain Names, & I have moved most of my sites onto tsohost.com.  TSO used be called 5quid hosting, & I guess I have grown up with them.  I have used iPage in the past, but I find that tsohost.com are flexible, I can pay them monthly, & they are straight forward to deal with.

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Image: Under Construction is Public Domain via Pixabay