Build a free website – It’s like scrapbooking without the mess

Fancy having a go at this website thing?  If so, then starting with a free one is risk free & will help you decide whether you want to maintain one.

There are many ways the get an on-line presence, & most people already have social media accounts or pages.  You might already Tweet or post to Facebook, & this might be enough for you.  If you feel you want more freedom then it could be time to build a free website.

Websites can be rewarding.  They might require some investment & certainly more time & work than you think. If you have a project or an idea in mind, then there is certainly nothing to lose if you choose to build a free website. At the very least, you will gain new skills & confidence.  At best, you could be taking the first steps towards starting your empire.

Where to build your free website

There are many choices, some people find one service easier or more convenient to navigate than others.  It might make sense to go with a provider who has an established brand that has been around a long time.  Chances are good that these will continue to be around for the long haul.  Some of the newer ones are easier to use & have extra features. Whatever you choose, do save or back up your work in case the provider goes bust.  These are uncertain times, after all. ,, are just three of many free sites on offer. is another great choice.  Which is best?  That depends your opinion, & is largely nothing than personal choice. You might want to visit a few of these providers & explore.  When I got started I just jumped right in.  I picked because it was the first one that caught my eye.

What comes first, the blurb or the blog?

Anyone considering building a site normally has an idea in mind.  Once you get going, this idea might evolve into something else.  A blog about your pet might evolve into a blog about the breed in general, dog training, pet care or a specialist interest blog on nutrition or grooming.  Equally, it could remain a blog of just one or a few pages or posts that you might add to when you think about it.

My blogs encourage me explore & research my interests.  I start with an idea at first, but at some point the blog fuels the blurb.  My first blog growblackcurrants looks quite silly now. The menu is upside down, & it just follows my £1 blackcurrant bush from stick to berries.  A slightly later one is a bit better & still gets hits.  It tackles the unpleasant subject of domestic violence abuseinthehome & if I get time I will tidy it up & add to it when I have some free time.  A time of loss & grief resulted in a team effort for a small space to remember a great man, inmemoryofbenroets.  

My path

Somewhere along the line I dipped my toes into hosting my own sites.  I chose this route for sites that I thought might need more space, need bigger graphics & that might become quite bulky.  This site is one of them, & are two others.

Yours might not look anything like these.  You might want to post ‘photographs, link to videos, or make a celebration blog about a family holiday or event.  Anything that interests you will interest other people.  You can choose to make your blogs public so anyone can read them, or you might want to keep them private, for family & friends only.  The internet is your universe to shape as you please.

What do you need?

  1. An idea
  2. A name.  Think carefully, as your site might expand – might trump
  3. Pick a provider & jump in & give it a go.

What if it goes wrong?

It doesn’t matter.  You can fix it when & if you want to, or just delete it.

Last word

You might enjoy a site & others might find your information useful & visit your space.  It could end up as a few pics & captions & you might decide that a Facebook page or Instagram group suits you better.  Either way, you will become more confident in using the internet, & like anything else, your hobby could add another facet to your world.

Whatever you do, relax, enjoy it & have some fun.  Drop me a line & let me know how it goes xXx


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