First blog & Adsense

I started blogging with the intention of posting some content on the internet & making some income from it. Everyone seemed to be doing it, & the idea seemed simple enough.  I knew nothing about blogging, but figured if I got a free blog up & running, I had nothing to lose.  

Some quick research led me to Blogger as my first platform.  The plan was straight forward.  Get a blog, publish some content & wait for the cash to roll in.  I had no idea where to start, but I jumped right in.  I signed up for Blogger, & soon realised that getting used to the site would take me a while.  I pressed on & soon managed to get a blog going.  After adding some content,  I was keen to move to the next step & start generating income.  Adsense caught my eye.  I skim read some information, & cheerfully signed up for that too. I submitted my blog to get accepted by Adsense, & hoped that my welcome email might provide some pointers on what to do next.  

My first email from Adsense (other than the one confirming my application & submission) arrived after a few days. On opening it, I was surprised to learn that my attempt to join was disapproved.  I was not accepted by Adsense. There was no clear reason given, & the link to a generic HELP section provided far too much information for me to sift through.

If you don’t have a blog yet,  Learn more about creating your own blog 

Accepted by Adsense – No!

It seemed logical to tweek the blog & resubmit, which I did. I received the same reply – DISAPPROVED.  Adding content, adding more pictures, tidying up the presentation, checking for typos all attracted the same reply from Adsense.  Checking out some forums revealed that a lot of people were having the same experience.  Frustration grew.  I got fed up & gave up trying to get accepted by Adsense.  

Google Adsense Revisited

Recently, I lost my voice & was forced to take some time off work.  I remembered Adsense, & decided to try again as my sites had grown up a little.  I had given up on Adsense but not on the intention to earn some money on-line.

My head started banging after visiting the Adsense sign-up page revealed that reapplying with my original email address was not going to work.  The program remembered me even though it never accepted me.  I applied with one of my other email addresses, & followed the same steps as before.  This time, my application was quickly & easily approved.  

How I got Approved by Adsense

The differences between my successful & my previous unsuccessful application to Google Adsense are: 

  • My website/blog was established –  It had been up & running for over 6 months
  • Posts on my website were of a better quality.  This means they were longer & I had become more experienced at blogging
  • I am using WordPress instead of Blogger.  Wordpress has a plugin which I find easy to use for Adsense
  • My website had a Privacy Policy that included a section that covered Google & Adsense (legal bits)
  • The theme of my site was clearer because it was older, bigger & had more pages & posts
  • Neither site had any Copyright issues : I respect Copyright & have done so since the start
  • My sites were easier to navigate.  


Adsense requirements

You can read the many rules & requirement for yourself here  – This is a basic summary.  Once you have got these right, then check against the full requirements via the link, & remember that they can change from time to time.

  • The site must be verifiably yours
  • Legal bits must be in place (Copyright respected, Privacy Policy, a means for the reader to make contact)
  • Adult, gambling, hacking, drugging & sites promoting illegal activity are unlikely to be approved
  • Content must be readable, and easy to find
  • Content must be original

Google Accepted by Adsense Resources – From the horse’s mouth

Forget rumours.  If you are interested in trying Adsense, go to the source  Google itself is the expert on Adsense, & they do provide clear information on how to get going with Google Adsense.  

I am uncertain whether it was just me, but if memory serves me well the resources provided by Google seem clearer, easier to follow & easier to navigate.

Last Word

Make sure you register or apply using you correct name format & spelling as these details will be used to pay you when you request a payout after reaching the payout threshold