Work from Home jobs – UK

There are many opportunities for people who want to work from home in the UK.  If you are looking to join the ranks of the homeworkers, then I hope you find something here to inspire you.  Employers listed here are genuine.  Unless otherwise stated, I have either worked for them myself, or I know somebody who has.  Most employers are outsource,  they provide services for other companies.

Call Centre Jobs




Outsource.  Self employed homeworkers work from home.  There is the option to work through an existing company for a small fee.



Directly employs call centre agents for roles around their core business which is car hire.



Outsource. Land and home based call centres.  This company provides call centre support for companies who have outsourced some or all of their work.  They use homeworkers on some of their projects.



Outsource.  Home agents only.  This company provides call centre support for various companies.



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