Work past 50 – Resources

This is a list of resources to help everyone find work or earn a living, but is particularly relevant for those near or older than 50.  In no particular order…..

Senior Squirrels is an agency that is starting up in Hampshire.  I am not sure how effective it will be, but could be worth bookmarking so you can keep an eye on it. Their site is

Online Auctions / selling sites – , , ,

Online Marketing – For this to work you do need some basic training.  I trawled the web and watched loads of videos on youtube, nothing made too much sense and I couldn’t get things to come together.   Every offer I chased turned out to be a dud, they either wanted me to pay a fee up front, or to give them my bank card details.  Finally, I found excellent training, totally free right here wealthyaffiliate

You are very welcome to take a look, I have joined them as an affiliate.  The first stage training will explain everything you need to know and get you started.  If you stay on, I get a small commission.  I am declaring this upfront in the interests of being open and honest, and the amount I would make is not big.  I certainly would not recommend anything just to make money from you – Unless it was a truckload 🙂 I have been caught out too many times myself to do that.

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