Affiliate Marketing – Why?

Everyone reading this is ready to get serious about making money online.  Whether you are an ex-pat wanting/needing to earn some £’s from your deckchair, retired or wanting to retire, looking to work from home due to health/mobility issues or needing to work around caring commitments you are serious about wanting to make money.

There are many ways to make money online, but they are not all suitable for people like me.  I don’t understand stockbroking and I cannot build a website using code, I also need to earn more than I could doing surveys and market research.  Having researched every means of making money online that I could find, I have decided that Affiliate Marketing is the only honest way forward.

So what is Affiliate Marketing?  Basically, you earn a fee when people link to a company website from yours, and then they buy something.

Who are these Affiliate Marketers? Many are people like you and me.  I think of Affiliate Marketers as modern time shop assistants.  The amount of choice we have these days can be overwhelming.  When we want to buy a product or service, it can be helpful to take advice from people we trust who have done the research or used the items.  Trusted information gives an unbiased opinion that can help us to avoid costly mistakes.

If people earn commission if I buy, how can I trust their recommendations? There are so many affiliate programs available to marketers that there is nothing to be gained by promoting sub standard services.  It does happen, but these people and their sites quickly lose their following.  The internet is open, and information about scam sites can be shared with the world in a moment.  A site manager values integrity above all, without it he or she has no credibility, and no followers.  Some websites do exist only to push products, but this is quite obvious to readers who usually leave right away.  If you were offered commission for reviewing and recommending a book to people who then went on to buy a copy, then surely you would spend your time and effort writing about a book that you really enjoyed.

What can this Affiliate Marketing do for me?  People share information differently now.  That’s all it is.  We still have opinions, thoughts, desires and dreams and we love to share these.  We all know something that another person doesn’t.  Whether it’s which mop lasts the longest, or whether the gold price is likely to rise or fall, you either know or believe something that others could benefit from hearing about. Your knowledge is valuable.  You could be nicely rewarded for sharing your knowledge.

So where do I start?  At the risk of repeating myself, you need a website.  That’s your place to store information, share ideas, interact with others.  It doesn’t matter whether you want to preserve family information, tell funny stories, share your experiences or just build something to leave behind, you need a website.  You can use this same site to make some pocket money, to pay for it’s own hosting fees, or build yourself a welcome income.  You need a website for everything, and traffic or visitors other than if you want to generate income from it.

I am not technically minded – What can I do?  Nobody is born with skills, they just learn them from other people who already have them.  If you can find your way around the internet, and you can navigate from page to page and watch a video, you can learn how to build a website properly, and how to make money from it if you want to.

The best, no nonsense option I have found is through a program called Wealthy Affiliate.  It offers training, a community, guidance, support and social networking.  You can learn part or full time, whenever you have the time.  You can work through the courses and the tasks at your own pace, and go back over lessons whenever you want to.  You can join free of charge, and build and keep your two free websites without ever paying a penny.  No pressure, no pushing.  If the group excites you and you decide you want to go pro, then you have that option – And the choice remains open every month.  No contracts, no long term commitments.

The paid for service opens up a whole world of possibilities, and included 1:1 training, live seminars, and other resources to keep you enthusiastic while you build your business.   You never have to take this path if you don’t want to, and either way you will have your two free websites to call your own.

I am over 50 and never thought I would be able to confidently write blogs and interact with the world.  if I can do it, you can.  If, like me, you need some support to get you going, then I strongly suggest you give this a go.

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  1. Thank You for the indepth post on Affiliate Marketing 😀 I’m dedaly serious about making an income online because at the moment I’m sick and tired of my job, being somewhere I don’t want to be, building somebody else’s dreams and earning little money!

    Affiliate Marketing opens up doors and gives people the freedom to be their own boss, work from home and choose their own levels of income. If people work at it hard enough, they can say “Goodbye” to their jobs.


    1. Thank you for coming by, I am as serious as you are, and happy to help. Cheers!