Review – Samsung ML-2165W Mono laser printer

I bought this printer for my home office in 2013, and it is still going strong. This is my first home office laser printer so I thought it might be useful to share my thoughts.

Samsung ML-2165W printer review

Why I bought it –  I had a child at college and it was costing me a fortune in time and money printing out his college work.  I also wanted to be able to print documents off at home.  My handwriting was getting every more spidery looking, and computer generated letters were more readable.

I needed an office printer that was cheap to buy and run, fast enough to print documents of up to 25 pages in length, and was happy to compromise. My previous printer has been a deskjet and I was fed up with error lights -and tired of fiddling with coloured ink cartridges, fixing paper jams and was looking for an unpretentious workhorse.  Having read the review sites, this printer was cheap for a laser printer, and the fact that it was a mono (black and white only) suited me too.  No more juggling mutliple messy cartridges, just one sealed high yield to fit and forget.

Time was a factor, so I ordered it quickly through Amazon itself.

It arrived a few days later, and was quick and easy to install.  The wifi was not of interest to me, but this printer does have a WPS button to facilitate a quick and easy hook up to a wireless network.  This enables printing direct from a tablet or mobile handset if required, and I would use it if my computer failed.  Great as an emergency back up facility which I hopefully will never need, but it does provide some peace of mind.

The good – Samsung ML-2165W

The printer has a very small footprint (about 33cm x 18cm) which makes it ideal for a small home office

Standard cabling – A standard universal USB cable fits, so no costly OEM replacements if damaged

High Resolution Printing is nice to have for printing CVs and the like.  I mainly use the economy settings, but like having the option

Ready to go.  Power on, and start printing within ten seconds

Fast printing, the 20ppm is plenty for my requirements

Quiet, almost silent compared to my inkjet

Not so good – Samsung ML-2165W

The printer feels and smells hot when printing a document of more than ten pages, but this does not affect performance and it cools quickly.

I have not found anything else that I do not like.


This is a lovely little printer that is reliable and cheap to run.  I would regard it as one of my best home office buys because it just works and works.  No gimmicks, no fuss.  If you are considering buying a printer for your home office and you want a reliable workhorse that is cheap to run, then you should give this little gem some serious thought.  I bought mine through Amazon, and have included a link to this printer below.


What is your favourite little office helper?

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