Redundancy happens for many reasons

Essentially, the role you are employed to do ceases to exist. I am writing this as an example and will use the 1st person for convenience. This doesn’t mean that these experiences are necessarily my own. They may be a composite of a few experiences.

Redundancy & your personal circumstances

My job, a part time role that was reduced to 16hrs for me due to health concerns, was made redundant. The outsource “work from home” employer lost the contract I was working on, and my role was gone. Given it is the employer that lost a contract & not actually me, the process that my redundancy has followed has been a bit of shocker. Still,  we live, learn & disasters are great topics to write about.

Hopefully, I will find a way through & not be out of pocket for too long.

My circumstances:

Personal circumstances matter. In this test case, I have mobility and care issues that escalated after I damaged my knee in a fall.  This has made it really tricky for me to get about.




Relevant Job Circumstances:

I have been doing call centre work from for the best part of a decade. It is not self-employed, I pay tax and NI. Some years back, job 1 restructured and the hours changed, so I started looking around. I took job 2, the now redundant role, initially because it required permanent night shift. This meant that I was able to work all of my hours while my husband was home, and it was, therefore, easier for me to manage. I worked 2 part time jobs for over a year.

Job 2 lost the night contract. I had to move to daytime hours. I reduced these hours so that I could manage. Later, Job 1 increased its hours of operation, so I was able to increase my hours a little to make up my money.

At the time this role was made redundant, I was working 2 call centre jobs from home. The reason I had 2 instead of just 1 job was obviously to work around times when I had support, enable me to make physio/pain management/health reviews and a myriad of other pit stops and tune-ups to keep me going.

In summary, I was limping around, managing to earn my crust between 2 call centre jobs that I could do from home. One offered more support than the other, but both were familiar and enabled me to spread my hours over a longer day, 24/7. One alone could not offer this. As part-time employees have the same rights as full-time employees under the law, for purposes of this redundancy my other role was irrelevant. My employer for the role that became redundant knew that I had health issues as well as another job. I had told them, and they knew my Tax Code. 

Update: Going through redundancy unsupported has caused my health to fail & has now put my remaining job at risk as have been unable to attend work. I need to work but am now less able.