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As the world around us becomes more virtual, it is getting increasingly difficult to find and buy that perfect gift. Nearly everyone I know either has everything, hates clutter, redecorates annually or is on a diet.  It’s great that the average person has a better quality of life that even before, but it sure ups the pressure on us when we want to mark a special day.  Chocolates and flowers are great, but they are often added to the grocery shop these days.  Cigarettes and booze used to be a safe fallback, but they have had their time.  Vitamins and smoothies might be better for us, but they do kinda lack gift appeal.

I believe that people are generally nice.  We like to make people feel good and show them that we care.  The world we live in has got busier, space is limited.  Ornaments are out,  personal decoration is a matter of fad and taste, and most of us have tried to get healthier.  So what is the ideal gift in 2015?

Poll time.  The best information is the stuff that comes right out of the horses mouth, so I canvassed opinions and here are the results.


What do men REALLY want?

Men have always been difficult to buy for.  I thought they wanted tools and gadgets, car accessories, and something to keep them warm.  How close was I?

Based on a poll of 32 men aged 35 to 70, here is the answer
Online Graphing

The highest rated gifts for men were either local produce, gift vouchers or a trip.  Men want gifts of a leg of organic lamb, some dried local delicacy, fresh crab or a gift voucher.  Think local produce or Amazon voucher.  The older ones chose more produce, the younger ones often wanted vouchers so they could choose their own games and gadgets. Some still opted for a good bottle of scotch.  One wanted a Porshe, and I cannot tell you what one wanted, not on a nice site like mine anyway.

What do women REALLY want?

Women are traditionally easier to buy for.  I expected the results to rate books, movies, trinket boxes, nightwear and slippers.  How did I do?

Based on a poll of 41 women aged 35 to 70, here is the answer

Online Graphing

The highest rated gifts for women were earrings or chains, spa days, cruises, and shopping trips (think a prepaid Master Card that can be swiped anywhere in a new purse)  Word of caution – Some mentioned the restrictive expiry dates of store vouchers and cited the lack of choice if tied to a store.  Perfume should be chosen thoughtfully, and limited to the expensive version of a known favourite.  The family visit choice made me smile and the fruit trees could reflect our growing will to care for the environment.

What do teenagers REALLY want? 

I thought I had this one covered.  I was sure teenagers wanted devices, gadgets, games and clothes.  How did I do?

Based on a poll of 15 aged 12 – 19, here is the answer.

They are the easiest to please.  They want cash.  No graph required.  Every single one,  when asked to be honest,  said they wanted hard cash.  The more the merrier.

The perfect surprise gift

Great, we know what we want, and we know what other people want.  There’s an art to gifting and this knowledge (except perhaps for the XXX option?) doesn’t really embrace the surprise element that makes gifting fun.  There is a novel, totally unique gift that is perfect for newly weds, married couples, troubled teens, new homeowners and even the family pet.  The trend has been growing for a some time, and I think it is here to stay.  Domain Names.  They can be cheap or madly expensive depending on whether you are the first owner.  They could grow in value, and some people have made fortunes buying them and holding onto them until someone has made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Domain Names are the virtual equivalent of owning land and having a great address.  Every single one is a once-off. So go on, snap one up.  Everyone needs their place in the universe, and space is coveted as much in the WWW as it is anywhere else.  Go on, stake your claim – You never how long that .com or .org is going to be available.  Once you have your domain, you can point it to your online space.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think?  Do you have an idea for a great gift that might inspire others, or have you have you ever received an awful gift?

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  1. Wow! This is all so true 🙂 I could definitely relate. This is really going to help me with my future gift buying for family and friends

  2. Well that makes it easy – Get a gift voucher for meat for the men. For the ladies nothing because you sure to get it wrong lol and the kids cash. I like the graphs. Thank you

    1. Hi Barbara, yes, too true 🙂 The results were not quite what I expected, but the survey was great fun! Thanks for dropping by …. D

  3. I like your website and the information. It is good and informative and everyone likes gifts. I think a domain and a domain name can set someone apart in the internet world. It gives the person their own identity. It is like saying, “Hey world, I am here. Come and visit me!”

    A personal domain or website can open many doors, including a business. Because we are all social creatures, a domain can really enhance communication all around the world. GOOD IDEA!

    1. Hi Ray, thanks for your kind comments. Yip, a domain is vital these days and once you get one, the world does open up. What would your favourite gift choice be? Have fun, D