On-line Spaces

What is online space?

Chances are, you already have some space on-line.  If you use Facebook, Twitter or even an email account then you certainly do.  When you login, you can update and share information.  When you logout you cannot update information, nor can you share information.  Other people can, however, look at information you have posted at any time.  You can, of course, log back in at any time and change, add to or delete information.

What is a site?

If you use the internet at all, you would have visited sites.  A site space online that is managed by a person, a business, a charity or any other entity.

Blog/Website/Vlog.  What are they and why do I need one?

A Blog and a Website are different types of online real estate.  Like a home, you can live in either, but could be more comfortable in one depending on your personal preference.  A Blog is normally free to set up, and it serves like an online journal or diary.  Generally speaking, it is usually handy for building up followers, but it does work best for people who want to post information to it quite often.  There are some great blogging sites available, and I started off using Blogger from blogger.com I wrote about everything from growing blackcurrants to family history and even domestic violence.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided I needed to expand and start making an income from my online efforts.  That’s what led me to websites.  I created this one initially using siterubix because I learnt that WordPress is more functional, and you can create yours the same way. Go ahead, it’s fun and free.

A website is a lot like a blog, except it is best suited to information that is more permanent.  A website can be updated at any time, where a blog loves to be updated at least a few times a week.  A blog shows what you post from today and goes backwards.  A website can be setup so that the main pages stay the same.  In the past, companies chose websites, and people went for blogs.  This has now changed.  Websites have become a lot cheaper, some are free.

Some bloggers have discovered that they lose interest in their topic, or have less time than they thought so stop updating them, or they start websites.  There is no good or bad, it’s what makes you feel more at home. Whichever you choose, there are many reasons to have your own domain, but that is for another day.

A Vlog is like a blog, but it’s done on video rather than written down. You may have watched one of these on youtube, although there are other hosts.

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