First website at 50plus

I woke up one day and the world had changed.  The adverts on the bus, in the doctor’s surgery, at the shops and at the side of the highway stopped showing telephone numbers.  It seemed like telephones had become obsolete and that the only way to communicate was via a website. I am a people person, and would rather speak to a person face to face than over the ‘phone, so this rapid shift to communicating and transacting electronically left me feeling vulnerable, confused and quite, well, inferior.

Having worked all my life, I have answered switchboards, typed and proof read memos, produced minutes for meeting, planned parties, and I basically regard myself as quite sensible. I know I am not a rocket scientist, but I also know I am no idiot.  The discomfort grew, life had changed.  While scanning the job columns, I noticed that many positions or careers seemed to have just disappeared.  Electronic devices arrived without user manuals, and when I asked about them I was frowned at, then told to look on-line.  When I could find information, I couldn’t understand it. In fact most signage started to look like this


That was a few years ago now.  I am now comfortable with searching, buying, banking and booking on-line.  Looking back now, I can hardly believe that I ever thought it was daunting and scary, and now I much prefer to do things on the internet because it’s cleaner, tidier, saves time and fuel and allows me to get more done.  My work life, however, had stagnated and become a repetitive time wasting, life consuming thing that never paid me enough to cover my bills.  That started me wondering about these jobs that I had seen advertised and not understood what they were.  I started wondering who were the people who posted so much information on the internet and my common sense told me that while some were doing it for entertainment, that others were certainly doing it for profit.  The more I thought about it, the more this seemed the answer in the provision of jobs for over 50 .

Wealth is only having enough or excess currency.  Whatever currency you are chasing, being it health, cash or happiness, they haven’t changed since time began. The means of chasing these things has changed – and we need to get into the game so that we can improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Whatever reason you may have for wanting your own space on the internet, now is the time.  If, like me, you are over 50, you might have similar reasons to my own.

I want to be part of the internet generation because I am still alive and want to be able to participate fully in the world.  My children are great and I want to be of value to them, being on-line helps me to understand the things they talk about and I find they confide in me more because they know I am still the parent and have the skills required to understand what is important to them, in a language they understand. My grandchildren love that I can share their games and hate that I can still monitor their homework and like that I can help with projects.

Having changed countries late in life, and with the aging of my body, I need to find a way of earning money for a lot longer than I once thought I would need to.  Last, but not least, I would love to leave a legacy for my family when I am gone.  Having my own website allows me to do all of these.  I can interact with other people, learn a little more ever day, write about myself, and even earn some money.

So take precautions, be sensible, and jump in.  The water really isn’t that deep.

I have a video here that explains why you need a website today.  I hope you enjoy it, I think it’s brilliant.  Make it full screen as although short, it has a lot of information.


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    1. Thank you so much. I will do, and will keep you posted. Off to look at the link and to consider some pics, appreciate your time & thought.