HubPages & Fortune Hunting

Can HubPages increase my wealth?

January Greys

January on Mud Island is pretty much like December on Mud Island- with one big difference.  Christmas has come and gone, and we are all kakking off (skint, broke) until payday.


Cranky, vitamin D deprived people struggle to maintain their selfie smiles. while going about their lives with a sense of resignation. 

hubpages test vitamin D

We’re all going to live better and spend less than we did during the last year, aren’t we? Yes, and we’re going to start as soon as payday comes and we can really get this year started.

In my quest to make some extra ching (boodle, pocket-money), I remembered that I had signed up for HubPages some years back. That was as far as I had got, I hadn’t actually done anything else. I revisited the site to see if it was something that could generate some money.

HubPages : Why I joined

HubPages seems like a good idea at first glance. Bloggers/writers/you sign up for a free account, add a profile, then write and post some stuff on the site. So far, so good. Right now…

  • It really is totally free to join and there are no hidden fees
  • Contributors own their own stuff
  • Other people earn money on HubPages
  • I joined because I wanted another income stream and it seemed worth a try
  • Regarding the second point, do remember that Google hates duplicate content. Although contributors own their articles, they would probably need to be rewritten if used elsewhere. I got sidetracked after signing up. There is about a 2 year gap between creating my account and setting up my profile.

HubPages Test : How it Generates Income

Earnings through HubPages come via advertisements from HubPages itself as well as from (optional) Adsense. An additional commission can be earned through Amazon Affiliates by anyone who has an account with them- when readers buy products from one of these posted links. Any advertised products must be relevant to the article, and not just briefly mentioned.

hubpages test income

Hint: If you haven’t joined Adsense or Amazon Affiliates, then now is a great time to sign up. If you aren’t ready, you can still give HubPages a go and decide later.

There is plenty of information on HubPages elsewhere which I won’t duplicate. The site has a Help section that explains the nuts and bolts a lot better than I can.

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HubPages Test 2018 : My Experience

My activity on HubPages started in 2018, 11 days ago at the time of writing. I updated my profile by adding a mugshot and a few lines about myself, then added my Adsense and Amazon Affiliate details.

Writing for HubPages

It is always worth reading content rules and guidelines. These can change so I won’t restate them here. (Pretty standard – Offensive content is not allowed, but everything else goes.) If you use social media, then let basic common sense prevail.

My First Post / Hub

I got stuck right in and posted my first article (or Hub). I picked topics that interest me, but just don’t fit on any of my own existing sites. Bones was the first. I love my Jack Russell to bits but doubt my readers would find him as interesting as I do.  I picked a  title

The software made it incredibly simple to write this already basic article. The process involves picking a title, then adding a capsule (module) to quickly add text, an image, a chart or any other element to a post.

Once the capsule is complete, save it, and repeat the process until the post is complete.

When done, I pressed the publish button, and that was IT. The site generated a link for sharing my post. As a Newbie, the first 5 submissions are evaluated. This is a basic quality check, so try to avoid excessive spelling and grammar mistakes.

This system is great for anyone new to blogging with something to say. It couldn’t be simpler to produce a polished looking hub (post) at warp speed.

Hubbing on HubPages Test

The speed and ease of getting my first Hub out there was exciting. It takes time, care and planning to produce content for my websites. Both and are labours of love.

Hubbing is different. I can write about anything, and move on. Everyone has their own experiences and preferences, but for me, my sites are like life partners. HubPages offers the diversion of fun flirtations.

Further hubs followed in short order. Hubs can be about anything.

My Hubs by Day 11

  • Death Dilemmas Interacting with bereaved people makes many of us feel uncomfortable.
  • Mouse in the House Mice are often around, but not always invited guests. Getting rid of them can force us to confront our own values
  • Famous Anglo-Indians Colonialism challenged our sense of identity and created some interesting people.
  • Wartime Lifestyle My gran lived through WW2. My sisters-in-law lived through the Rhodesian Bush Wars. These gals would easily survive anything January could throw at them!

HubPages Test: Show me the Money

I have earned the princely sum of $0.69 so far.HubPages test Income

These articles might keep on earning money for me, time will tell. You might look at them, and an advert might grab you. They might die and earn me less, I might write more hubs and one might hit a spot and go viral. Time will tell.

Will HubPages make us Money?

I believe it could. It is unlikely to make very much, but it will generate pocket-money over time. Having read a few Hubs, it seems to attract a lot of (cough, cough) middle-aged writers.

HubPages is a good fit for me as a sideline to my main websites.

Financially speaking, the type of person who would benefit the most is someone who lives in a country with a weak currency (HubPages pay in USD) and writes for a hobby.

A collection of well-written, topical articles that are shared in an active social network and updated to ensure they stay current might well generate a small residual income. Small isn’t exciting, residual interests me. I am looking on it as a pay per read. These short posts generate a drip-feed of income.

Is HubPages Right for me?

HubPages is great for first-time bloggers, vanity writers, part-time authors, students and anyone who wants to write an article and publish it on the internet without hassles. It is likely to generate some income over time.

It is not right for anyone looking to replace their salary.

HubPages has just been Sold

Hubpages has just been sold. This could be a good thing.  Change can bring fresh ideas and the internet is always evolving.

It can be difficult for bloggers to get repeat traffic and followers to their site. A successful website requires more work than one person can realistically put in.

HubPages provides access to a community of writers, as well as a sense of belonging. Over time, contributing great content and building relationships here could encourage fellow Hubbers to promote and link to your site or blog. Sometimes it just feels good to be part of something. Writing can be quite isolating, and Hubpages can play a part in filling that gap.

HubPages Test Update

Update: Day 23, and I have made my first dollar 🙂

Sources: Images are public domain except for the Streetview pic which is attributed & is CC