AWIN Affiliate

Win with AWIN Affiliate Marketing

Just a quick post today – To share the news that I had a win! The pun made me smile this bleak, broke January – A win with Awin Affiliate 🙂

No, it wasn’t on the slot machines or bingo. Some time back, I joined a program with a company that manages affiliate adverts.

Joined a Program?

Nah – not THAT one….

Once your website is up & running, you can make some income by advertising. The easy way to do this is via an Affiliate Club if you like. Essentially, these like advertisers who pay, with webmasters or bloggers (us) who want to earn.

How it Works

  • Sign up & join, once off, and free of charge. (NOTE: I would never pay to join an affiliate club)
  • Look through the companies who want to advertise
  • Find one or more that are a good fit for your site & apply to join it
  • If accepted, the advertiser provides promotional links & banners
  • You get commission if anyone takes required action –  joining a program / buying an item/something else
  • If accepted, the advertiser provides promotional links & banners
  • Copy the codes for the adverts & post them wherever you like
  • Make them stand out without looking spammy
  • Promote the page by sharing
  • Get paid when people take action with the link
  • Cash out when you have enough to draw

AWIN Affiliate & My Win

I joined Awin to test it & tell you about it. I chose to promote World Remit. Click the picture to see what an interested reader would see.


World Remit is a company that facilitates sending money from one country to another. I chose it for my site, because many readers live in one country and have family in another. This service is therefore useful if means they can transfer money at a cheaper price than the banks. I used it myself for a transfer first, & was confident to share this link.  It is & was a good fit for the site. I set it up.

Automatic Earnings

After setting it up, I forgot about it.

The January blues come to us all, like death & taxes. While I was off work, I stayed in due to the aforementioned blues and went through my computer. I logged into Awin & was surprised to see that I had made £35. Thank you!

I cashed out and got the money into my bank 4 days later.  This works & really is painless, dead easy to use and although I never made anything quick, I can honestly say that I did no work promoting this at all.

If you would like to give it a whirl, I even get a small commission if you join, & if you get your first payout.

Give it a go. There are loads of items to promote, the service is simple to use and it does what it says. There is nothing to lose, & something to gain. What a win!

Just click the banner below, & follow the prompts.