Make a website pay – important because they cost time & money to run

I have 3 websites that are currently up & running.  To be honest, I have seriously neglected this one because I have been busy with the other 2, namely:    &

While I need to earn some money to fund these sites, I do not want spammy sites because I avoid them myself.  When I visit a site, I run away if they are filled with flashing banners that beg me to click onto them.

I have toyed with an amazon referral program, but they have not made me a penny as yet.  Perhaps they never will, because my sites might be a little too niche.  Either that, or my readers are tight arses!  The lack of movement via Amazon put me off, but I have decided to give it another shot & will let you know how it goes.

A lot of people have friends & family in other countries, & bank charges for sending money are just silly.  I found a company I like, & have just applied to join them as an affiliate with a view to marketing their service on my sites because they offer a genuine service that might save my family, friends & readers some money.

I will keep you posted on my progress, & tell you more about them if I am accepted.

So fingers crossed, here goes!  Wish me well, & let me know if you have made any income or have favourite affiliates?

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