Finding time

A day never seems long enough for us to do all the things we need sort.  I have often wondered how some people achieve lots me than me in the same 24 hours,  and yet somehow manage to reach the end of the day looking fabulous.

I asked an estate agent, a mother of four, a nurse and a car rental manager how they do it. Although the answers varied somewhat, there were some common themes.  I am listing them here to remind myself and to share with you.

Passion or pleasure were used interchangeably.  All stated that they did something on most days of the week that made them feel amazing.  Some gave examples that included work tasks, others either danced, wrote or gardened.

Do something for YOU everyday –  Either to start the day, or to give yourself something to look forward to

Work around your body clock     –   We all have energy ebbs and flows.  Plan your tasks around your internal clock

Do something for someone else  –   Expect nothing in return, and you will feel empowered.

Prioritise                                          –   When you are swamped, check with yourself whether a task really needs doing

Get rid of things that do not matter to you, and free up your time and energy for things that do.  One of the most liberating things I ever did was throwing out my iron.  It was over a decade ago, and I haven’t missed it once.  Do you have things that tie you down that you can happily live without?  After cleaning the toaster for the billionth I binned that too.  A blow torch does the job if I really crave toast these days.

It’s okay to be you.  Be true to yourself and start living the life you want.  Do a little more for yourself each day. Respect the world and other people, but beyond that, honour your own life.

Peace, out.

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