People and Money. Plenty and Scarce

It seems strange that the two things the world has most of appear to be the two things most people seem to struggle hardest to find and then to hold onto. What are these two things? Well, they are people, and money.

There are more people alive than ever before, and money is no longer backed by any real wealth. That thing they call “quantitative easing” means that governments can simply print paper money which really is backed by nothing. So why is it that so many people in the world are lonely, poor, or both?

That’s one question I cannot answer. What I do know for sure is that the way we deal with both of these pillars that structure our lives has to change if we have any hope of participating in the world as it is now.

If your friends, children and grandchildren seem to glaze over while you chatter away to the top of the heads, it’s not because they don’t love you, or that they have no interest in you. It’s simply because the way you speak to them no longer holds their attention. People are busy, and leisure time is precious. Technology is designed to be user-friendly, so I encourage you to reach out and get connected. Now. You could be pleasantly surprised.


Prices rise, budgets are increasingly harder to manage. If you are spending money sending parcels, cards and gifts, then it’s certainly good old fashioned common sense to grab yourself a phone, laptop or tablet, and hook it up to the internet. I you have  been offered a device, or have one in the back of a  cupboard somewhere – Get it out!  If you don’t have one, ask around. Someone close to you will have a spare that they no longer want that’s just too good to throw away. They would love the idea of it being put to good use.

Then what? Well, it’s time to go through that address book, add the information to the contacts list, and add important dates too. This is a basic feature in all devices made in the past decade. Get organised. Add email addresses, grab yourself a free email address. Add an instant chat, free application like WhatsApp or Viber, and suddenly you can send instant messages to anyone, anywhere in the world free of charge. Out shopping and not sure if the bath towel you want to get for your daughter is the right colour blue? No problem. Snap a picture, and sent it to her instantly. This saves time, money and return trips to the mall.

Once you get started, you will find that the people around you gradually start interacting with you again. Communication is still a two-way street. Once you get connected, people will be able to interact with you. The birthday greetings, special day notes, kind thoughts, and virtual roses will start flooding in. Virtual, you’re thinking, what is the use of that? Well, virtual flowers now die, and can be stored for as long as you like. You might also get a brew brought to you if you instant message your request to your granddaughter because she will actually notice that you are speaking to her, even with her headphones on.

So that covers people, what about the money side of things? That I can answer in much fewer words – Get a website, write about something people want to read, and decide which of the many ways to earn money online suits you the best. It’s amazing how a country opens up when you learn to speak the local lingo. It’s equally amazing how the universe unfolds when people understand what you are trying to say.

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