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There is a magical place where you are king or queen.  What you say, goes.  You can invite, banish, charm, and rule as you please.  You can fill this place with anything you like from anywhere in or out of this world.  That place IS your domain.

Blogging is fun, and there are some gorgeous free to use sites that I would urge you to try.  You can make great look pages online and post and share to your hearts content.  Ah, content….

The free websites have policies about what you can and cannot write about, over and above the normal laws of the land.  They can close down, change terms and conditions, and are not the best place to stake out your claim.

Free hosted blogs are used but not owned by you.  Domains, however, are yours.  All yours.  If your domain grows and someone else wants it, it becomes a possession that you can sell for a profit.  Until someone makes you an offer you cannot refuse, you can leave it, build it and make cash from it.

Domain names can be cheap to buy when you are the first owner.  This means that if you pick a domain name that you can register from the start, then it costs less than a packet of cigarettes or a few pints.

Other reasons to own your own domain ( instead of are:

They look great on your CV

You can personalise your email address

There are easier to monetise, because you own them

Fewer rules is still a good thing

If you find a great domain name available at a good price, then don’t think twice.  Snap it up there and then.  Next time you look for it, it could be gone, or the price could have escalated.

A domain name is spot on trend for a thoughtful and unique gift.

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