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I was looking to try hosting my own website, but was not sure how good I would be at doing it, and even less sure how long I would stick to my new hobby.  I really did not want to spend any money, as I had previously tried a low cost offer from ipage and was shocked at how quickly the year passed, and at how much money it cost me to renew. Totally my own fault, but I had learnt my lesson.

While reading  moneysavingexpert.co.uk, I came across a thread that mentioned 5quidhost.  The gist was that the free offer was fine for newbies, and that the company did offer other cheap options to upgrade to if the need arose.  A member mentioned that her brother used them for his sites, and he had not had any problems.

A quick search revealed that they have been around since 2004, are UK based at  9-10 Saint Andrew Square, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH2 2AF.  So far, so good.

I read through the FAQ and really liked the way the information was given –  Straight, no nonsense, in language even I could understand.  I scanned the t&c’s for anything that would hint at any future fee being charged to me without me choosing to upgrade, and I found nothing.  I decided to join.

I got myself a domain from domainmonster, because they are local and reasonably priced, and would do so again as the process took me all of five minutes.  I went right back to the 5quid site, rechecked the packages, and signed up for my freebie.

Here are the current options:


They have a £10 option which is the same as the others, the only difference being that the Disk Space becomes unlimited.


UK Based company

Free (really) hosting for your website using your own domain, and the space provided is enough for a personal website that is not going to need much data.

Cheap upgrade options which can be paid monthly.  (This is important as most other hosting service providers demand payment up front for a year or more)

No contract.  If you quit, that’s it.


The service comes with free software that you can use to build your site easily, but this software uses a lot of space.  For what I have done with this site I think I would avoid using WordPress and try software that hogs less room.

The service provides excellent email support, but to keep costs down, they do not encourage inbound calls looking for help.  I had an issue, emailed in, and received a response in 8 minutes.  This suited me, but people needing to talk on the telephone would find this annoying.  That said, the service from most budget hosting companies is controlled to keep costs down, and the quality of help I got was speedy and clear.

Cost : £0 –      Claim that most customers get what they are looking for by spending £5 a month

Best for people who are budget conscious, comfortable with email support.

Update 14 June 2015.  I still have my free website going without any issues or catches.  I have also bought a £5 per month package through their business site, and am currently using that to host this site and others,  Trouble free, honest hosting.  I am very satisfied.

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