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jobsforover50Hi,  welcome to my site and thank you for dropping by.  Let me indulge myself  by telling you a little bit about me.

I am a woman, mother, employee and owner of a naughty little dog called Bones.  I have changed countries a few times due to family responsibility considerations and political situations, and now the kids have grown up I am trying to re-balance my life.

One of my current aspirations is to understand more about the worldwide web by developing the skills needed to thrive in this internet driven age without losing my identity.  If it works out well, then it could be fun to share what I learn with other people like me.


I like sunlight, spices, and laughter.  Currently evaluating, and getting rid of things I no longer need to make space for things that reflect the current me.  Age should not deter us from living life to the full, and if that means learning some new things, then bring it on!

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you find something here that interests you.  Feel free to subscribe if you share my interests.  I hate spam, you hate spam.  Enough said.

Ps:  This is Bones after a long walk ……


Enough about me, tell me about you?  Please leave us a note or a footprint, I’d love to hear from you x

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  1. Nice site Donna, just going to have a look round as I’d love to start one and have never tried – watch this space (or more accurately watch another space when I get round to developing/building it)

  2. We are in the same niche. Go to my page http://jobsover50.ca and leave a comment for me, please. Just a few things to improve your site.
    1. Put color in your sub-headings people are visual.
    2. Your pages should be at least 1000 words. This is content marketing so more content the better 🙂
    3. Just to give you a tip on spelling and I’m not saying your spelling is bad. I use an online program called Grammarly, it catches all the little things that we sometimes miss while we write.
    I hope this helps.
    Stick with the program step by step.